2 Hands Create September Night Shopping

2 Hands Create is a seasonal bricks and mortar experimental curated marketplace in Corktown, a blend of creative passion & positive energy evolving from like minded souls. We create a space to bui...

2 Hands Create

The Experiment Continues

The experiment continues… The 2 Hands Create experiment is a a blank canvas, source of sanity, support, inspiration and encouragement for all. Each month over the summer and fall we use the unde...

2 Hands Create

The Garage Door is Up

Nothing really happens before its time and I think its time. I am grateful to the artist  creators makers and customers who are into this experiment with me. I have uncovered the secrets of marketing ...


Autumn Light Creative Collective

It is the summer’s great last heat, It is the fall’s first chill: They meet -Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt Erin and Sandra had been brainstorming on how to create events in Toronto and unite a...


Jamaican Artist Joshua Higgins

      Joshua has proved himself to be a Jamaican fine artist influenced, but not defined by his tropical origins. A 1978 graduate of the Jamaica School of Art, who continues to special...


A Grey Matter Project

The Corktown Collection of Creatives consists of a City Sky Memory Maker, an Urban Realist,  a Quintisential Quilter, an Errant Modest, a Visually Articulate Rebel, and a Purveyor of Pennies and Pearl...

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