Erin Instructs @ Toronto Zoo for Earth Day

Erin Ademoglu – Up-Cycled Jewellery

Erin Ademoglu  of Twisted Metal In Motion is a self made woman who weaves elegance through the wreckage of forgotten factories & the graveyards of our favourite things. Erin provides Jewellery workshops and & parties for all ages.
-Corporate Events
-Team Building Events
-One on One training -Birth Day Parties
-Jewellery Parties
-Socials -OR create your own party idea
Learn how to transform New, Old, Forgotten and Discarded items into functional and Fashionable Jewellery, Inventive Art, or simply a great project for the kids. Participants will be led through the process of creating their own accessories and be shown how to apply those skills to the creation of various types of Jewellery.

Her “Twisted Metal In Motion” Up-Cycled & Costume Jewellery can be found at the following TDOT Shops:
*Arts Market, 790 Queen St. E.
*Psyche, 708 Queen St. W.
*Showroom, 125 Queen St. E.
*Borgo Uomo, (Mens Clothing) 87 Cumberland Ave

Just Georgia

Georgia Fullerton – Expressive Arts

Professional visual artist Georgia Fullerton has been educated in Visual Arts in Alberta, Canada and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at York University in Toronto, Canada. Georgia is the founder of Fullerton Fine Art Collection and Durham Black Artists Collective (DBAC). As a published artist,  Ms. Fullerton has exhibited her paintings in Canada and Internationally. Through conducting workshops and providing nationally broadcasted television interviews, Georgia has provided insight to her artistic expressions, the creative process and the positiv-3e impact of the arts on the human experience.

Ms. Fullerton’s art is a reflection of her life experiences and inspired by the power of her emotions and ongoing quest for a better understanding of relationships by way of creative expression. Using primarily acrylic to paint portraits and abstracted interpretations of the figure, Georgia’s images possess bold sensuality and evoke strong emotion.  Ms. Fullerton is currently pursuing certification as an Expressive Arts Therapist at ISIS Canada in Toronto. Georgia’s  art-based business called JustGeorgia, focuses on expressive arts workshops, art instruction and Fine Art sales. Georgia works from her home studio in Ajax, Ontario.

Sau Fann Lee - Hand Made Hand Me Downs

Sau Fann Lee – Fabric Arts

Sau Fann Lee is a bit of a hoarder, but more importantly  a mom of two, trying to tame these tendencies, holding onto too many sentimental and pretty things and none more sentimental than the tiny, cute, whimsical, soft and colourful clothes that her  kids have outgrown. She  began making quilts for her  family as a way to capture the milestones and memories that each happy colour and pattern evoked. As her  kids grew and as more and more was acquired, worn, passed down and outgrown, the more those heaps of old clothes grew into small mountains. Soon, she  had more quilts/throws/blankets in our home than she  had beds, sofas and comfy chairs!  She  had to do something with all of them, and then she  couldn’t stop. No joke.

saufannResponding to the massive amounts of waste that we generate in our everyday lives, she is interested in up-cycling materials that we would otherwise throw out or giveaway, transforming them into something surprising and new, creating unique, functional and beautiful pieces that tell a story, maybe your story.


The Experiment Continues

The experiment continues…

The 2 Hands Create experiment is a a blank canvas, source of sanity, support, inspiration and encouragement for all.

Each month over the summer and fall we use the underlying  theme of old wood to present the creators products in a curated atmosphere; offering a unique twist on the popular market theme which is perforating the six.

To promote and hype ourselves up for August we added the  element of live TV

We  linked up with web TV man Hugh Reilly of for a  “Liquid Lunch”. No libations just spinal fluid bathing our brains.  Erin, our artist Magnet Co-Hosted two interviews one with a special interview with well know Toronto Socio-Political Artist Hollis Baptiste and some of the upcoming August Artists.

Hollis  discussed  his  upcoming photo book,  “Bad Habit”. A   photo compilation of his current and previous art work which will be released this fall.  A subversive exploration of gun violence & consumerism, which offers thought provoking works designed to evoke uncomfortable feelings. A timely contemporary consideration of our times.

While Erin & Hugh interviewed Sau Fann Lee of Quilty Pleasures and  Donna Angella Bartley of DAB Designs who are here for the month of August, I engage the other side of my brain and jetted back to the day job. Ninabana and Aaaron Lozansy, our painterly artists could not attend, so we are aiming to interview them in the upcoming weeks.  Hold the date October 15th night shop into  your  calendar for the launch of  Hollis and his published  book.

Join us next Saturday from 6-10pm @ 503 Queen Street East, meet the artists, &  enjoy  yourself at the hippest, freshest smelling little art shop in Corktown.

Thank you to all the shoppers, Eyze Designs, Twisted Metal in Motion, & Quilty Pleasures for    allowing  me to blend a fresh  environment with our fabrics, art, fashion, jewellery, hammer, nails and spackle!

See you soon.


The Garage Door is Up

Nothing really happens before its time and I think its time. I am grateful to the artist  creators makers and customers who are into this experiment with me. I have uncovered the secrets of marketing using the technology of  social media. I  have and am meeting very cool artists and neighbours who are drawn to the wide open entrance and last but not least going out to look for more artists at art happenings in the “6”, the TDOT , Hogtown or whatever moniker you have Toronto these days.

Finally the garage door is up and I am pretty excited to have  Erin of Twisted Metal In Motion  Sau Fann of Quilty Treasure  Claire from Eyze  in the gallery with me. I am for thankful  their participation and allowing me to curate the space to incorporate the old wood theme and create the esthetic for the pop up.

As part of creating the visuals of the space I have been slowly but surely building a following on Instagram as the @collaboration curator. Marketers call it building content. Essentially using the preparation, happenings and sales in the gallery  build and share the story we are creating.

It was pretty quiet in Corktown when we  opened July 1st , it was the weekend of Pride and the TD Jazz Festival. As I had hoped and suspected the foot traffic has returned to Queen Street East,  couples with babies in strollers, family visiting neighbours,  couples of sorts, and artists o plenty.

So make your over on July 16th between 6-10p, for our night shop edition The merchandise ranges between $$- $$$.

See you soon


Call For Artists Application Launch March 30th, 2016

The original business framework of Studio Visuals,  the gallery was based on renting the whole 700 square feet of space to a single artist. That type of buisness model is no longer sustainable in the era of the online store and this morphed economy. Regardless of technology, market research shows that people are still very much interested in  products which they can touch &  feel.  Inspired by other arts marketplaces in the downtown core  who boast of waiting list of artists, we feel there is capacity and a market  for artists to interact in a actual physical space in a  community.  Studio Visuals is  the brick  and mortar space where2 Hands market space  will be  held.The garage door will open again in the summer and fall of 2016 for  2 Hands Create.

The Collaboration Curators experience of last summer’s pop up shops at Studio Visuals were the catalysts for  2 Hands Create. experiment. Last  summer’s Pop Up Shops expectations of heavy foot trafficked escapades were dashed by the corporate and city planners of the Pan Am Games. While the Pan Am games sounded like a great foot traffic magnet, things did not work out as planned. The cement barriers and chain link fence materialized to keep the athletes from escaping  and  prevented city visitors from exploring Queen Street East between Sumach and River.  Corktown businesses, who had readied themselves for the dilluge of shoppers  were all foiled. It was lonely on our little strip of  Toronto.  All the foot traffic was  diverted into the Distillery District. By the time  the barriers were gone, a cold and windy Autumn was upon us. Not discouraged, the garage door opened for a one day event, the Autumn Light Creative Collective and low and behold the foot traffic appeared. The energy from the neighbourhood and artists was encouraging, supportive and an inspirational stepping stone to 2 Hands Create..  It is the next experiment, taking us on the path to  identifying  a sustainable arts business framework in this new economy.

2 Hands Create. will be looking for emerging and seasoned artists, makers creators and designers from Toronto who would like to submit applications to become a part of our curated market place. We will choose 8 -16 artists & designers to creatively merchandise  and sell Fashion , Fashion Accessories, Home Decor, New Media, Paintings and Drawings created  by your 2 Hands.

If you are an  artist, maker, designer or  creator, we invite you to come together to network, collaborate, encourage, inspire,  support each other &  interact with the community. Explore our call and  apply to participate in our seasonal bricks and mortar  curated arts market space.

The call for artists  will launch on the 2 Hands Create   website  on March 30th , 2016.

The garage door will open again.





Autumn Light Creative Collective

It is the summer’s great last heat,
It is the fall’s first chill: They meet

-Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt

Erin and Sandra had been brainstorming on how to create events in Toronto and unite and collaborate with artists long before I met Erin. Our universes separate yet parallel had grazed one another. My meeting with Erin was serendipitous. 

Sitting side by side as strangers participating in a parent school council meeting. The drone of voices took me to another zone. There I found myself admiring and drawing Erin’ earrings, thinking to myself “those would make a great pair of earrings”.

Art has the power to align like minded spirits, Erin noticed my drawings and initiated a conversation.  As a result Erin the effervescent maker of jewelry  partook in the Corktown Collective Pop Up  Shop with us this past summer.

My draft drawing of Erin’s earring’s long discarded, our universes united, Erin has led me to a new labrynth of ladies creative.

Take in the  beautiful fall collections of Erin’s jewelry designs, Twisted Metal In Motion, Sandra Iannucci’s  clothing design, Gypsy Circus, Daniellle and Szonja’s  Earth & Water Designs art jewelry and body products    & the unique creations of Groovy Drums. 

 Join us in the spirit of collaboration and the beauty of fall and let’s celebrate with the ladies as they present the Autumn Light Creative Collective.

From here on out, the temperatures begin to drop and  the garage door will not open again  before the summer solstice.

So do bundle up and join us at  Studio Visuals, 503 Queen St East, between 12 noon until 8pm on Sunday October 18th, 2015.

See you then


A Grey Matter Project

The Corktown Collection of Creatives consists of a City Sky Memory Maker, an Urban Realist,  a Quintisential Quilter, an Errant Modest, a Visually Articulate Rebel, and a Purveyor of Pennies and Pearls. We are  sewn together through the fabric of life.

Sandra Sierra is the City Sky Memory Maker. A visual artist from Bogata Columbia, who focuses lately on the sky of the city where she was born. The theme of her work and painting has become a tool which allows her to maintain the connection with her memories. Sandra and I are some of the Mom costume creators behind our children’s school drama production of the Wizard of Oz. Sandra’s city themed abstracts will act as catalysts to trigger your memories.

Hollis Baptiste is an Urban Realist who perseveres as an Outsider. Hollis’  abstracts and surreal works illustrate a  subversive commentary with social and political messages. Hollis and I are Collaborators from the past. Hollis has explored masks, found objects and recycled materials for over 20 years.

Sau-Fann Lee is the a Quintisential Quilter and the evil genius behind the Handmade Hand-Me-Down Quilt Shoppe and empire.  Responding to the massive waste generated by everyday life (and growing children), Sau-Fann is trying to recycle and re-use as much as possible. Sau Fan subscription to the collection are beautiful up-cycled objects, that are functional as well as collectible. Sau Fan is my neighbour  in Corktown and  fellow children’s costume maker.

Yvonne Welsh is the Errant Modiste.  She is an Artist, Fashion & Costume Designer, Collaborator and the  Gypsy in search of the marvelous, to share with you. We are sisters creating products incorporating fashion and  design with the art from a small body of Joshua Higgins works. The Errant Modest is sharing her handcrafted accessories with you.

Joshua Higgins is the ever Visually Articulate Rebel artist, hailing from Jamaica. He is currently researching and developing his next major body of work using the mediums of digital photography, canvas and fabric. Joshua is my ardent supporter in all of my creative endeavors and contributes inspiration for this Grey Matter Project.

I am Sylvia Welsh, the Purveyor of Pennies and Pearls. I have been collecting beads and creating jewelry from my  travels for the past 25 years. I am offering  you an unusual combination of Sterling Silver, West African handcrafted beads, Pennies and Pearls.

I am also the Collaboration Curator and I offer you this Collection of Creatives.





Corktown Collection of Creatives Pop Up Shop

In 2003  I opened Hollis Baptise’s exhibition, Masks, Faces and Profiles at Studio Visuals. In 2009, I held the last exhibition and closed the garage door.

I viewed it as a  success because I tried, but twelve years ago the Studiovisuals suffered from low foot traffic and the neigbourhood suffered the symptoms of sketchy. Sketchy as in a fine duo of constabulary officer’s foot chase ending with dude on my front window at gunpoint, folks enjoying a bit of crack and  a post robbery rummaged cash till in my doorway. The most classic element of sketchy was the night of Hollis Artist’s talk. I  had closed the  garage door because the  space was  jammed. My sister was late and had attempted to call from the pay phone at the corner of Queen and River.  She was approached by another  young lady who was under the threat of a pimp beat down if  she found out Sonia was working the corner. Un-benowst to Sonia, that was a “Working Ladies Corner”.

Twelve years later the corner of Queen & River is full of condos, a lovely Corktown Commons Park for Elly to play in with his friends and the Pan Am Athletes Village is just a stones throw away. Foot traffic is a problem no more, so what better  time to Pop Up the garage door once again for a hip cadre of art, jewelry and art inspired products.

So hold the dates and make your way down to 503 Queen Street  East in the extremely gentrified urban Corktown for  Collaboration Curator’s   Collection of Creatives Pop Up Shop.

We will be open only on the weekends of Pan and Para Pan Am Games.

Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays, 11:00 am to 4:00pm

July 10th – 26th  August 7th – 15th , 2015.

Opening Reception Friday July 10th,  7pm – 10pm.

Closing Reception Saturday August 22nd,  8pm – 11pm.

See you soon !





Registration Open for April 2018 Dismiss