Call For Artists Application Launch March 30th, 2016

The original business framework of Studio Visuals,  the gallery was based on renting the whole 700 square feet of space to a single artist. That type of buisness model is no longer sustainable in the era of the online store and this morphed economy. Regardless of technology, market research shows that people are still very much interested in  products which they can touch &  feel.  Inspired by other arts marketplaces in the downtown core  who boast of waiting list of artists, we feel there is capacity and a market  for artists to interact in a actual physical space in a  community.  Studio Visuals is  the brick  and mortar space where2 Hands Create.art market space  will be  held.The garage door will open again in the summer and fall of 2016 for  2 Hands Create.

The Collaboration Curators experience of last summer’s pop up shops at Studio Visuals were the catalysts for  2 Hands Create. experiment. Last  summer’s Pop Up Shops expectations of heavy foot trafficked escapades were dashed by the corporate and city planners of the Pan Am Games. While the Pan Am games sounded like a great foot traffic magnet, things did not work out as planned. The cement barriers and chain link fence materialized to keep the athletes from escaping  and  prevented city visitors from exploring Queen Street East between Sumach and River.  Corktown businesses, who had readied themselves for the dilluge of shoppers  were all foiled. It was lonely on our little strip of  Toronto.  All the foot traffic was  diverted into the Distillery District. By the time  the barriers were gone, a cold and windy Autumn was upon us. Not discouraged, the garage door opened for a one day event, the Autumn Light Creative Collective and low and behold the foot traffic appeared. The energy from the neighbourhood and artists was encouraging, supportive and an inspirational stepping stone to 2 Hands Create..  It is the next experiment, taking us on the path to  identifying  a sustainable arts business framework in this new economy.

2 Hands Create. will be looking for emerging and seasoned artists, makers creators and designers from Toronto who would like to submit applications to become a part of our curated market place. We will choose 8 -16 artists & designers to creatively merchandise  and sell Fashion , Fashion Accessories, Home Decor, New Media, Paintings and Drawings created  by your 2 Hands.

If you are an  artist, maker, designer or  creator, we invite you to come together to network, collaborate, encourage, inspire,  support each other &  interact with the community. Explore our call and  apply to participate in our seasonal bricks and mortar  curated arts market space.

The call for artists  will launch on the 2 Hands Create   website  on March 30th , 2016.

The garage door will open again.





Harmony of Work,Travel, Life & Art

In early June, I created some well needed harmony in my life worlds. A work related trip to BC to present a technology abstract was moulded into an opportunity to visit to my long time friend Island Raven.

In the past I have presented abstracts at several eHealth conferences in 20 minutes with a 10 minute question period, but the this year’s planners upped the ante. A daunting 3 minute verbal presentation required an inordinate number hours to create a MS Power Point with images and audio. I am sure I suffered a cerebral haemorrhage when I found that the sinister academic poster software did not work with the audio of my Mac created presentation. I was glad that I had booked myself into Island Raven’s art world  on Gabriola,a small Gulf Island in the Strait of Georgia.

I took a plane to YVR, a Sky train to Vancouver City Centre, a bus to Horseshoe Bay Terminal, the big ferry to Depature Bay, a taxi ride to Nainimo Harbour terminal and finally a little ferry ride to my destination. Gabriola is a freedom in the groove kinda haven. From what I have observed and gleaned from the web, the Island has a population of approximately 4500 and the  highest concentration of artists in Canada. Island Raven checked out of Van city living years ago, having prescribed herself a healthy dose of natural bounty living.  She checked into a three level house in a lush  forest, by the beach with her pet friends; Alfie, Gracie, Dalilah and Jazz, she enjoys a life most of us creative souls only dream about.


Exhausted, after that 11 hour travel adventure extravaganza, I looked forward to a good night’s sleep.  A satisfying dinner & scrumptious wine sent me on my way. I stood speechless for 3 minutes in front of my abstract audience. I was mortified. I was released from the mischievous dream when I bolted awake to the pitch black moonless night of the island. I was stunned  into unfamiliar blindness, but the  pulse of the Pacific geo-positioned me and lured me back to sleep. Gabriola was the soothing tranquility that I needed from the sand shattering street cars rails of Queen Street east.

The next morning Raven and I committed to creativity every day for the next three days. A fairly easy task, as her home and life are designed with that in mind. All day light streams into the studio & kitchen through six windows 10 feet in height. Half the square footage holds 5 or 6 weaving looms, an inordinate amount of yarn, beads, fabrics, books and found objects from the beach and sea. There are plenty of  drawers filled with every creative supply you could ever imagine, want or need. I soon stopped asking Island Raven “Do you have any silver wire?” and started asking “Where is the soldering iron”? We perused the library of books and  landed on Gabriola’s petroglyphys to shape our days.

petroglyphThe weather and good supplies guided us effortlessly through cloudless daily explorations. In a forest behind the church, mounds of rocks peeked out from the earth, like the bald heads of monks.We searched for a moss covered Sea Snake at that location. Not finding the snake I settle for a selfie with a tree. Fortunately for us First Nations rock artists worked diligently in the shade. For two days we mused about the prehistoric carving tools and the origins of the carvings. “What mind enhancing drugs were they  smoking?”  “Were these creatures imagined or real?” “Did the whole family participate ?’  “Was this a place of worship?”



On the second day the Sea Monster revealed himself to us. Satisfied, we picnicked in a field of wild flowers and gave sun salutations to the First Nations for the pleasure of our day. In the evenings we ate, drank, made jewellery late into the night and caught up on two years missed.



The third day evaporated into the Farmers market, beers at the Old Crow Cafe,  a sojourn through the Gabriola Artworks, a conversation exchange with Raven’s neighbour, artist Jeff Malloy  and finally a trip to the beach to follow my shadow to the sea.


The ride on the two ferries back allowed me to reflect on the harmony of my creative time on the island and prepared my mind for the slickness of Vancouver and the suits of the conference which awaited me. The tranquility and beauty of Gabriola  plus  the company of Island Raven had honed my intellect with creativity. I no longer felt daunted.I waxed on eloquently for a whole 3 minutes.


data/art/science collusion = 3D portrait of strangers

I got this not so random email from Ted Blog the other day, the topic  DNA and Art, elixir to my brain, so I  really did not pay much attention to the sender. In a moment of paranoia, I assumed Google big brother was watching me. Really, it was just YPVWT, my big sister watching. My paranoia is stoked by  continued  news coverage  about  data serving and surveillance. You know, information being  served to  you based on the  data analysis and of you search patterns.

Heather Dewy- Habourg  is a graduate  Interactive Telecommunications and Information Arts  and has “nuff “love for DNA analysis to get this art project off the ground. Literally, picking up random stands of hair, chewing gum and cigarette butts to create  3D portrait of unknown people. The  11 minute documentary is thick with Medical Laboratory Technology jargon, but for a society raised on CSI and Bones, it’s probably easy to digest.
But for me as a ex med lab tech my first thought was ” where does an artist get the cash and the expertise to access DNA analysis  equipment and  databases?”   Watch the video long enough and you will find Heather is a member of GENspace  “A Nursery for Explorers and Entrepreneurs” which give members access to biotechnology for commercial, artistic or fun projects, that ‘s marketing code for “collab hack science lab”.
Long story short my girl extracted and analysed  small portions of  the found DNA and mapped it  to databases full of genes which helped her  identify traits of ethnicity hair colour and skin colour. Ok it is a long story…  she then used computation data crunching programs, which she designed  to develop the portraits, enough for her to feed the 3D printer with a composed image of a 25 year old stranger.
Haboug spine tingling  data/art/ science/forensic/ 3D experiment is not new. From a conspiracy theorist  point of view I sure that governments around the world are way ahead of Habourg so called art project. Heather’s ambitious project opens my eyes to the potential of  whole capitalist industry of genetic surveillance  collaborating with pharmaceutical and the criminal forensic science. We now live in a world where  privacy and data surveillance is big money business . While Habourg viewing of a person’s genetic information without their knowledge or consent  is provocative from a scientific and artistic perspective but others may find it frightening and generate levels of paranoia.

Fried Grey Matter

So I am looking around me to see if I am way out there. This creative endeavor is an evolution from my previous adventure. At first I thought I had failed because I had to close my gallery, Studio Visuals, but really I had succeeded and was moving onto the next thing. I  did not know what the next thing would be. I have been struggling with absence of creativity in my life. The gap is quickly closing. This place in the ether has fried some grey matter in the genesis,  but I think they are being repaired as the creativity comes poring through the keyboard and onto the screen. Can’t say who I will meet, can’t tell you exactly what I am gonna do, other than I am going to keep following my intuition and inspiration around, because this is some thing worth doing and needs to be done.


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