Collaborating Artists Behind Corktown Community Creations

Professional visual artist Georgia Fullerton has been educated in Visual Arts in Alberta, Canada and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at York University in Toronto, Canada. Georgia is the founder of Fullerton Fine Art Collction and Durham Black Artists Collective (DBAC). As a published artist, Ms. Fullerton has exhibited her paintings in Canada and Internationally. Through conducting workshops and providing nationally broadcasted television interviews, Georgia has provided insight to her artistic expressions, the creative process and the positiv-3e impact of the arts on the human experience.

Ms. Fullerton’s art is a reflection of her life experiences and inspired by the power of her emotions and ongoing quest for a better understanding of relationships by way of creative expression. Using primarily acrylic to paint portraits and abstracted interpretations of the figure, Georgia’s images possess bold sensuality and evoke strong emotion.  Ms. Fullerton is currently pursuing certification as an Expressive Arts Therapist at ISIS Canada in Toronto. Georgia’s  art-based business called JustGeorgia, focuses on expressive arts workshops, art instruction and Fine Art sales. Georgia works from her home studio in Ajax, Ontario.

Sylvia Welsh is a cultural connector and collaborator with a passion for arts. She is a creative, focused and decisive individual with an instinct for artistic independence and providing support  encouragement & inspiration to artists here and abroad.
Studio Visuals is her art.  A personal creative entrepreneurial endeavor where she creates wellness in her life and delivers  collaborative projects  to the community of Corktown.
Variety, Sustainability, Independence and Stability are  key mission  for Studio Visuals.
Take the time to browse the archive of  her independent projects of the  past 14 years. Sylvia is a PMI Certified,  Project Manager,  a skill which serves her well in both her artistic &  information technology  endeavors, but not so much in  her sewing projects.

Sau Fann Lee is a bit of a hoarder, but more importantly  a mom of two, trying to tame these tendencies, holding onto too many sentimental and pretty things and none more sentimental than the tiny, cute, whimsical, soft and colourful clothes that her  kids have outgrown. She  began making quilts for her  family as a way to capture the milestones and memories that each happy colour and pattern evoked. As her  kids grew and as more and more was acquired, worn, passed down and outgrown, the more those heaps of old clothes grew into small mountains. Soon, she  had more quilts/throws/blankets in our home than she  had beds, sofas and comfy chairs!  She  had to do something with all of them, and then she  couldn’t stop. No joke.

saufannResponding to the massive amounts of waste that we generate in our everyday lives, she is interested in upcycling materials that we would otherwise throw out or giveaway, transforming them into something surprising and new, creating unique, functional and beautiful pieces that tell a story, maybe your story.


Erin Ademoglu  of Twisted Metal In Motion is a self made woman weaves elegance through the wreckage of forgotten factories & the graveyards of our favourite things.


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