What I Do

Creative idea consultation, mentoring and collaboration Currently working in the Black community of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada to activate the community through arts engagement, experimentation, collaboration and partnership, with the Afro Canadian Caribbean Association.


I am a Artistic Collaborator who has established independence as a curator .

A seasoned gallerista with 20 years of experience honed at my independent art space Studio Visuals. Between 2003 and 2020 my gallery @ 503 Queen St. East in Toronto, Ontario, Canada served as a collaborative endeavour with a focus on Jamaican visual artist Joshua Higgins and African Canadian visual artists.

In 2019 I emerged as a textile artist, with first exhibition Sew Uncommon which explored the symbols of the Underground Railway Quilt squares using colonial patterned recycled fabrics infused with the music of Burning Spear.

My textile work continues to evolve alongside studies in History of British Slavery and delving deeper non-linguistic African symbols.


In collaboration with the Afro Canadian Caribbean Association in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Fabric of the Diaspora Is a seniors wellness and engagement project working with textiles and the techniques of sewing, embroidery & applique to create embellished quilt squares which visualize the people/fabric of the Black diaspora of Hamilton. The project kicked off in Dec of 2021 with a lovely luncheon and speaker series . The pandemic put the project on hold until the spring of 2022. Meeting in the summer twice a month. The project is cyclical and is scheduled to begin again in December 2022.

Great Thanks to program assistant Charlene Forde-Smith M.Sc Candidate in Psychology Neuroscience & Behavioural Studies at McMaster University.


Follow the Link and check out Studio Visuals timeline. An Independent Afro Jamaica Canadian gallery which I curated and situated in Corktown Toronto, Ontario ,Canada between 2003-2020.