A Grey Matter Project

The Corktown Collection of Creatives consists of a City Sky Memory Maker, an Urban Realist,  a Quintisential Quilter, an Errant Modest, a Visually Articulate Rebel, and a Purveyor of Pennies and Pearls. We are  sewn together through the fabric of life.

Sandra Sierra is the City Sky Memory Maker. A visual artist from Bogata Columbia, who focuses lately on the sky of the city where she was born. The theme of her work and painting has become a tool which allows her to maintain the connection with her memories. Sandra and I are some of the Mom costume creators behind our children’s school drama production of the Wizard of Oz. Sandra’s city themed abstracts will act as catalysts to trigger your memories.

Hollis Baptiste is an Urban Realist who perseveres as an Outsider. Hollis’  abstracts and surreal works illustrate a  subversive commentary with social and political messages. Hollis and I are Collaborators from the past. Hollis has explored masks, found objects and recycled materials for over 20 years.

Sau-Fann Lee is the a Quintisential Quilter and the evil genius behind the Handmade Hand-Me-Down Quilt Shoppe and empire.  Responding to the massive waste generated by everyday life (and growing children), Sau-Fann is trying to recycle and re-use as much as possible. Sau Fan subscription to the collection are beautiful up-cycled objects, that are functional as well as collectible. Sau Fan is my neighbour  in Corktown and  fellow children’s costume maker.

Yvonne Welsh is the Errant Modiste.  She is an Artist, Fashion & Costume Designer, Collaborator and the  Gypsy in search of the marvelous, to share with you. We are sisters creating products incorporating fashion and  design with the art from a small body of Joshua Higgins works. The Errant Modest is sharing her handcrafted accessories with you.

Joshua Higgins is the ever Visually Articulate Rebel artist, hailing from Jamaica. He is currently researching and developing his next major body of work using the mediums of digital photography, canvas and fabric. Joshua is my ardent supporter in all of my creative endeavors and contributes inspiration for this Grey Matter Project.

I am Sylvia Welsh, the Purveyor of Pennies and Pearls. I have been collecting beads and creating jewelry from my  travels for the past 25 years. I am offering  you an unusual combination of Sterling Silver, West African handcrafted beads, Pennies and Pearls.

I am also the Collaboration Curator and I offer you this Collection of Creatives.