I am a Artistic Collaborator who has established independence as a curator, digital textiles designer and project manager for art and music events.

Between 2003 and 2020 my gallery @ 503 Queen St. East in Toronto, Ontario, Canada served as a collaborative endeavor with a focus on Jamaican visual artist Joshua Higgins and African Canadian visual artists.

Looking forward to most recent collaboration with Joshua Higgins and Oct 2023 exhibition event in the Rock Steady Room @ AC Marriott in Kingston, Jamaica.


Flash Back to August , 2007 @ StudioVisuals Celebration Exhibition with Joshua Higgins Appleton Rum & Sunshine Smoothies!

1.Boris & Patricia Rosolak 2. Sylvia, Camile Orridige & Anne Marie Bonner 3. Wayne, Sylvia, Sherrie Joshua & Merlene 4 Appleton Rum Representatives 5. Jamaica Consul General, Anne Marie Bonner 6. Stephanie & Joshua 7. Sonia & Jose Dancing 8. StudioVisuals yard shot 9. Joanne Anderson , Sunshine Shakes