what is it? Description
The Corktown Community Creations Workshops are intimate hands on art sessions designed for participants ages 8 and upwards. This is your opportunity so that to experiment with expressive arts therapy, basic jewelry composition skills and fabric arts. The worshop’s are guided by our collaborative group of artists who interact with you.


Who are we ?
Collaborative Artists
• Georgia Fullerton
• Erin Ademoglu
• Sylvia Welsh

What is It?
Workshops: Each session is 2 hours long , broken into 3- 40 minute workshops.
Session A :11am -1pm
Session B: 1:30 – 3:30
Session C 4:00- 6pm
How much does it Cost?
Each session is $45.00cdn per participant inclusive of all materials.

What’s In It for you?
At completion of the 2 hours creative session each participants will take home:

1. An expressive piece of personalized art on canvas paper.(40 Minutes)
2. A piece of convertible up-cycled jewelry. (40 minutes )
3. An improvisational piece of fabric art . (40 minutes)